Art, life, learning and teaching intertwine.

I am a photographer/artist and teacher in the Chicago area.

My personal work keeps me excited and engaged in my teaching practice. Although I love simply playing with composition, light and time; I am also interested in exploring the ideas of fantasy, adventure, pretending, metaphor and symbolism. I love when a photographic moment transcends reality and becomes surreal. I also do some Photoshop composite work to capture the same feeling.

As a teacher, I am lucky to work with many wonderful young photographers at Morton West High School. Their talent and creativity never cease to amaze and inspire me. My two daughters and my husband are inspiration to me as well, they are among my favorite subjects to photograph.

My favorite photographer/artists are Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Duane Michals, Sally Mann, Diane Arbus, William Klein, Les Krims, Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, Julie Blackmon, Lyndon Wade and Jimmy Robert.

I have currently added a gallery for the University of Illinois Summer Micro- Residency for Art Educators. This Gallery is a selection of what I consider my best work from all the galleries on this site. Please click on the cover photo for any gallery to see the complete portfolio.

The last two galleries at the bottom of the page are for Mystic Art Pictures., for my daughter Colette's audition for Threads.